Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful Death

The last thing you would ever imagine happening is the death of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence. It’s shocking and unthinkable. If you have lost a loved one, we offer our deepest condolences.


Losing a loved one in an accident caused by negligent or careless actions is grounds for a wrongful death suit. Louisiana Civil Code 2512.2  states that if a person dies due to the fault of another, the surviving family and dependents may file a wrongful death claim.


There are several scenarios that can result in a wrongful death claim. For example:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Commercial trucking accidents
  • Slips and falls (premises liability)
  • Medical Malpractice (the third leading cause of death in the U.S.)
  • Construction or Offshore accidents
  • Defective products


No matter the circumstances of the accident, if it was caused by negligence, it is important to seek justice. Although money will never replace a family member, the change in income will ruin a family’s way of life.


Filing a wrongful death suit will seek to compensate you and your family for your lose. Grief is difficult enough; your family’s standard of living shouldn’t suffer as well.

New Iberia Wrongful Death Attorney

Your income level will not prevent you from retaining an attorney. Our New Iberia team at The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess works on a contingency fee basis. That means we don’t get paid until we recover funds for you. Furthermore, personal injury consultations are free, so you will never pay out of pocket.


After the wrongful death of a loved one, it is inevitable that emotions will be running wild. The shock and grief can make it seem impossible to function.


The thought of pursuing a claim may seem difficult, even overwhelming. But, there may be time limits on your case. It is essential that you let us get started now to ensure that your family is taken care of.


Our staff and attorneys are here to help you. We can relieve some of the stress you are going through by handling every aspect of your case.


Wrongful death suits are civil matters and the evidence usually does all the work. Our lawyers and staff have the experience and expertise needed to gather that evidence.


Monetarily quantifying your loses is also a complex task. We can calculate the costs and appropriate damages to see that you receive the compensation you deserve.


Our New Iberia team has over 20 years of experience pursuing wrongful death claims. We will fight for you and your family to preserve your way of life. Don’t hesitate to call us. We can help.


Call our New Iberia, Louisiana office today for a FREE review of your personal injury case. We typically work on a contingent agreement basis, which means our fees are contingent upon the outcome of your case.


Don’t Delay! You may have a valid claim! Let us help you get your compensation before the statute of limitations expires!

If you’ve lost a loved one due to negligence, you need a wrongful death attorney.

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Damages can be economic and non-economic in wrongful death claims. Economic damages are the direct monetary impacts to your life. Non-economic damages are worth more to you than just dollars and cents. As such, they aren’t as clear-cut and are hard to quantify.

Economic damages include costs like:

  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Property

Non-economic damages can include:

  • Pain and suffering/mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium from a deceased spouse
  • Loss of love and companionship of the deceased
  • Expenses from grief counseling and therapy

Non-economic damages cut the deepest. They are the hardest to calculate and quantify monetarily. For this reason, punitive damages may also be awarded in a settlement. Punitive damages are meant to punish the negligent for their wrong doing and cease the behavior or actions that caused the wrongful death.

This is why it is essential to have a fearless legal team willing to dig deep into the pockets of the negligent parties for retribution.

Statute of Limitations

Time is an important factor to consider when pursuing a wrongful death suit. A claim usually needs to be filed within a year of the incident or accident. We understand that this is incredibly difficult, but you should seek legal counsel as soon as possible if you have experienced the wrongful death of a loved one.

Mental anguish and grief can be paralyzing after the loss of a loved one, making it hard to even think about filing a lawsuit. The idea of talking to attorneys and insurance adjusters is awful. The last thing you want to think about is a lengthy court battle. But, the longer a claim is put off, the more likely it will be pushed beyond the statute of limitations. It is important to you and your family to gather all of the information and evidence that you have and contact your New Iberia wrongful death attorney at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess as soon as possible.

Our attorneys and staff can help to ensure that you and your family do not lose your way of life and standard of living. We will keep you apprised during every step of the process. Don’t put off calling our office because you think you can’t afford us. Remember, we work on a no win/no pay basis. Don’t hesitate to call for a consultation about your case.